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Why Are Millions of Starfish 'Melting'?

Great White Shark Close-Up Photo Goes Viral

Greenland sharks are absurdly slow and mostly blind, yet they may have spread far beyond the Arctic waters they are known from

Sea Monkeys Are The Guardians Of Earth’s Oceans

Male Tilapia Use Pee to Attract Females; Could It Help Fish Farms?

How pygmy seahorses hide in plain sight

Orcas caught in stunning drone video

Endangered Hawaiian monk seals are bouncing back

In a single, extraordinary act, a female octopus surprises her mate, and changes how we think of her kind

Russia accused of blocking creation of vast Antarctic marine reserves

The 17 areas of Britain where whales, dolphins and sharks need help

Swimming polar bears chase photographer in waters off Alaska

Surfer has lucky escape after accidentally standing on shark

Rare footage captures moment Beluga whale gives birth

Mystery over deaths of giant turtles off Scotland

7 Scary Fish That Are Always Dressed Up for Halloween

Why Are Millions of Starfish ‘Melting’?

Diaphanous, Sometimes Deadly, Jellyfish Pictures From National Geographic’s Archives

Live jellyfish cam offers stunning views of sea nettles

Why do puffer fish build sandcastles?

Humpback whales have been gathering to feast on herring close to shore off Tromso and the Vesteralen islands in northern Norway

Can fish master physics?

Stranded long-finned pilot whale on Essex river starved, says expert

Bizarre looking Black Sea Devil fish caught on video for the first time

Japan Says It Just Wants to Count Whales—Not Kill Them—in 2015

A Wonderful Moment Happened When This Girl Performed Acrobatics For A Dolphin

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