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A mother takes beautiful pictures of her one-handed daughter and the results are inspiring


Holly Spring and her 4year-old daughter Violet are the creative team behind an imaginative series of photographs that capture the whimsy and joys of childhood. With vivid colours and ethereal backgrounds, the New Zealand photographer’s images welcomes the viewer into a magical land.

Something you may not notice at first

is that Violet has not left hand.

Born with Symbrachydactyly and Hirschsprung’s disease she has faced

 adversity in her young life. But this has not prevented  

 her from growing into a confident and happy girl,

I do not see daughter as “disabled”,

merely “differently able”, says Holy.

In fact her daughter’s curiosity and bravery

 inspired her to become a photographer.

“My daughter is my muse and my heart that inspire

 me to follow my passion.” says Holly.

The picture with Violet and the giraffe (taken on a visit to the zoo) was purposely inverted for effect won Gold at the prestigious NZIPP Epson Iris Awards 2014

Holly describes her photography as “whimsical Art with heart”

-colourful and filled with dynamic light and whimsy.

During their photo shoots, Holly

 and Violet role play a lot.


“There might be a moth circling a street light, but we’ll imagine it’s a fairy,

and immediately that moth will grab Violet’s attention.” Holly explained.

“In that moment I am photographing pure wonder and innocence,”

she said. “That is the secret to a good whimsical shoot.”


Violet is close to starting school, which will bring a whole new set of challenges, but they are determined to take it in their stride with a positive attitude.

These pictures were published on

with permission from Holy Spring.



Alan CY Kok


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