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How Texting Can Give You a Permanent Pain in the Neck

Pictures that will make your day

Ever hungry mouths to feed

Alright now, don’t go too far,

don’t go out of our sight.

 I will humbly remain within your cuddle.

Safely tucked between giant parents.

Hey, Sylvester, you know who’s that

strange bedfellow you’re hugging?

It’s a white mouse!

Parents will repeat over and over again:

Kids look their best when they’re sleeping.

This could apply to baby deer!

Ah, so comfortable, please do that few more times.

When you two grow up to be adult cats, promise me

you’ll never hurt us Orangutans!

The tiger and the husky set out together to go hunting.

A peek out of Mom’s feather shelter to see the outside world

Clutching Tiger sees hidden dragon

What’s the joke you folks enjoy so much;

kindly share it with me.

Come Mom, wake up, it’s meal time.

Such hot day, I need a refreshing shower.

I begin with my head first.

Hey Mom, want to share a secret?

You Horsey, please keep both of us,

particularly our heads above water

How you’re doing little fellow.

Get a quick wet slurp from me.

 A herd of elephants went outing for a long hike.

Trouble was that they blocked the whole road surface.


Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing

Alan CY Kok

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