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An education (of sorts)

A friend of mine has recently started on a photography course, and asked me a few weeks ago if we could go for a camera walk on Hampstead Heath. She wanted me to show her how I take pictures, and it was such an interesting experience. To try and verbalise how I do something I don’t actually think about and do intuitively was really fun. I’m not saying that I’m a teacher or that I know it all, but I pointed out that there are certain things to look for if you want to make a picture more interesting. In a nutshell: light, shadows, the negative space, scale, angles (get down on the ground!) and one of my all time faves: silhouettes – the one that my friend was most excited by. They turned out to be a revelation! Next time I’m taking her to the Barbican, which is my favourite place in the whole of London to take pictures. Can’t wait to see what she makes of it.

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