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Things you should have learned in school

How thing are done and worked

How the Big Bird suit worked

How ice cream cones are made

How a bean stalk grows

How Wi-Fi is distributed inside an apartment

How camouflage get on a helmet 

How Michael Jackson was able to defy gravity

How coins get sorted inside a machine

How the way the braces change your teeth

How a trumpet makes that beautiful music

The way pretzels are tied en masse

How peanut butter jars are filled full of creamy goodness

What actually happens when you put a key in a door

What it looks like when you swallow

How hay bales get wrapped

How paper clips turn into paper clips

How exactly all the stuff gets into a Pop-Tart

How water affects light

The life of a dandelion

How flight patterns change throughout the day

How terrifying is the human face is when

it’s forming in the womb

……..and What dogs do when they are drinking water


Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing

Alan CY Kok

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