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How Oil Spills Can Literally Break Fish Hearts

Can You Hear Me Now? What Whale Ears Have That Ours Don’t

Car-Size Stingray May Be World’s Largest Freshwater Fish

Head-Bashing and Other Mating Secrets of Giant Parrotfish

After Menopause, Female Killer Whales Help Pod Survive

Rescued leatherback turtle returned to the ocean

Nudibranchs are the jewels of the sea

Sharks can be taught to recognise shapes, and optical illusions, and remember them for at least a year

Octopuses are thoroughly antisocial. Yet for some reason they have evolved to mate in the most intimate way possible

Iceland opens Europe’s biggest whale museum

In defense of the octopus, 8 extraordinary facts about the clever cephalopod

Gray Whales Could Become Winners in the Great Arctic Thaw

One of the Rarest Seals Is Getting a Bodyguard

The Dolphin Trainer Who Loved Dolphins Too Much

Pictures: Billions of Blue Jellyfish Wash Up on American Beaches

How Oil Spills Can Literally Break Fish Hearts

Rare Video Captures Sperm Whale in Deep Sea

A Gray Whale Breaks The Record For Longest Mammal Migration

Warming Pacific Makes for Increasingly Weird Ocean Life

Sea squirts are unexpectedly cute undersea creatures

Kemp’s ridley sea turtles are mysteriously vanishing

Officials search for kidnapped sea lion pup

Octopuses can bring the moves but not the rhythm

The smalltooth sawfish is at risk of extinction but new insights into its habitat could now ensure its survival

True to Their Name, Vampire Squid May Have Long Lives

Humpback whales, endangered no more? Most may be removed from list

Dolphin sightings off the Hebrides leapt over last decade, research shows

Watch barrel jellyfish swarm off the coast of Cornwall – video

Thousands of spider crabs create moving pyramid in Australia

Sperm Whale circles submarine in amazing underwater footage

Giant sperm whale carcass washed up on California beach

Jellyfish in the UK: Huge blooms of barrel species found on coast after mini-heatwave

SeaWorld lawsuit claims park profits from ‘deceptive business practices’ and that orcas suffer abusive treatment

10 Stunning Sea Creatures That Offer a Feast for the Eyes

Watch Divers Free Sharks and Other Marine Animals Caught in Deadly ‘Ghost Nets’

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