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Sweet animals and pets interacting with humans

They’re both so sweet, dressed out for

an important event later of the day.

Good morning sweetie, my child.

Get a wet kiss from Mom!

Say, what do you see out there?

Mother and child re-union, or rather they

are soundly asleep together.

Hey you, what makes you think the

bride’s gown is your rug to lie on?

Pet ferret sleeps while clinging to its mistress’s face.

There is a strong bond between them.

Oh my, this kitten is absolutely cuddly!

Man reunited with his pet dog after an absence

of few months over a distance of few hundred miles.

A rare sight. A couple of playful elephant babies 

 nudged together besides their mom.

Parents of a little of husky puppies guarding their babies.

No fear, it’s just a thunder. Baby chick is

well-hidden in Mom’s feathered warmth.

Fallen asleep while scrubbing the fur of the dear doggie.

A pair of new-borns to the proud mother.

So forlorn, are you lost and where is Mummy?

The girl’s family is moving to another city and her new home has no place for her pet. It was sent to the dog pound and its future seems uncertain. It’s sad parting…….

This is real harmony in animal kingdom.

Come, get closer whilst we sleep.

Hi, do I know you?

Many thanks to Ron Oh for sharing

Alan  CY  Kok

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