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Cool Optical Illusions

 In the Eye of the Beholder

This skull comes to life with that butterfly! What do you think? it a set-up, too perfect?

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 The Giant Among Us

You never know when toy cars will come in handy, it’s a good reason to

keep on collecting them we suppose?.. and these do look very real!

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 Mind-bending shadow!

It took a long time to figure this one out! But if you stare at it,

you’ll see his face is slightly turned to the side and the shadow does

the rest to make it look like a full profile.. especially his nose! Wow!

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 Looks like a joke!

Poor gal, looks like a set-up.. and what type of mannequins does a pose

like that? What is it supposed to be doing.. playing soccer ..skipping

..kicking someone?!

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 The Magic Carpet Speech

This speech must’ve been a super good one with levitating information!

It’s amazing that the flag’s “shadow” is in that perfect position!

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 An Accidental Occurrence II

“Liam started taking photos randomly around the room; later, when the

guys were going through the photos, suddenly they found a huge eye

staring back at them. Turns out it was soapy water, draining in the


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 Pink Slime

This delicious looking stuff is in a lot of processed fast food meat like chicken nuggets and hamburgers.

Optical Illusion Seen On

Optical Illusion Seen On

 An Accidental Occurrence Makes Art

An artist sees a bird of prey staring back at him after dropping two

hula hoops into coffee! Amazing, is there such a thing as fortune

reading with coffee froth?!

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The Windmill of A Million Faces

What do an old man and a windmill have in common? Two spaniards riding

on a horse. Take a good look at the old mans mustache is you can’t spot

the spaniards.

Optical Illusion Seen On

Brides ..what not to do!

She didn’t know what she was getting into! This happy couple won’t be

displaying this wedding pic.. Hopefully though.. they got a laugh!

Optical Illusion Seen On

   Holy Cow!

He’s running for a take off.. looking right and then left.. now, up up and away! ..those wings fit perfectly!

Optical Illusion Seen On

 Big Sister

She’s his big sister and hopefully a nice bigger sister at that! It

looks like the photographer definitely set this shot up and succeeded..

well done!

Optical Illusion Seen On

 The Sixth Ring: London 2012 Olympics

The five Olympic rings represent the world continents completing in the

Games: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania and now with the

sixth ring, we have the Moon! ..Moonians?

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