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Unforgetable photographic moments

 Great photography to ponder

Just room enough for one house on an island.

A dedicated photographer-in the heat of the moment.

Open water roll cloud

San Francisco is known to be a steep city.

UFO spotted in Seattle

Shelf cloud over Timisoara

Praising the sun

Time-lapse Moonrise over LA

Forest on shipwreck island

The sky whale appears near the lighthouse

When art meets nature

The eye of the moon

World’s coolest duck, ever!

Sunset in Santorin

Easter Island sunrise

Creative mirror positioning

Water sprouts over the Adriatic

Down the spiral staircase

Grand Canyon light show

The Studley Tool chest

Plane Tail-pinching Buddha

Olympic moonrise

A rarely seen full circle rainbow (with reflection of it)

Forces of nature

An airplane’s view of a distant storm

Dubai – Cloud City

Beautiful Barn Conversion

Their first flight

Flyby Eclipse

Coal train at sunset


Underwater Perfection

Moon Jelly

Whiskey on the rocks – Aaah !

Abandoned Parisian Railway


Many thanks to TS Ng for sharing


Alan CY Kok



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