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Famous Who Died Young

Amy Winehouse
Blue-eyed soul hits such as "Rehab" and "Back to Black" propelled this troubled British songstress to international fame. She died at age 27.
+Amy Winehouse date of death,July 23, 2011
+Amy Winehouse cause of death,Alcohol intoxication

Heath Ledger
This foreign-born star of a controversial hit film left behind a young daughter when he died at age 28.
+Heath Ledger date of death,January 22, 2008
+Heath Ledger cause of death,Drug overdose

Sean Taylor
The NFL safety from Miami died in his hometown at age 24.
+Sean Taylor date of death,November 27, 2007
+Sean Taylor cause of death,Gunshot, Murder

Pat Tillman
Tillman was an NFL defensive back  who enlisted in the U.S. Army after September 11 and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was 27 when he died.
+Pat Tillman date of death,April 22, 2004
+Pat Tillman cause of death,Firearm, Friendly fire, Gunshot

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes
One-third of a chart-topping '90s R&B group Lopes rapped through such hits as "No Scrubs" and "Waterfalls." She died at age 30. on April 25, 2002.
+Lisa Lopes date of death,April 25, 2002
Lisa Lopes + car accident

The 22-year-old R&B singer and actress  released a self-titled album a month before she died.
+Aaliyah date of death,August 25, 2001
+Aaliyah cause of death,Air disaster

Derrick Thomas
Thomas was a linebacker in the NFL  known for his signature move. He died at age 33 on Feb. 8, 2000.
+Derrick Thomas cause of death,Pulmonary embolism

Princess Diana
The glamorous princess became a style icon while married to Great Britain's heir to the throne. Her life was cut short at age 36.
+Princess Diana date of death,August 31, 1997
+Princess Diana cause of death,Car accident

The Notorious B.I.G.
The Brooklyn-based rapper , hailed as one of the genre's greats, died at age 24 on March 9, 1997.
The Notorious B.I.G. cause of death + shooting death

Tupac Shakur
This 25-year-old rapper turned actor spent his last day attending a high-profile heavyweight boxing match in Las Vegas.
+Tupac Shakur date of death,September 13, 1996
+Tupac Shakur cause of death,Firearm, Gunshot, Murder, Respiratory failure

Krissy Taylor
She was the little sister of a supermodel  whose own star was on the rise (see when she died at age 17 on July 2, 1995.
Krissy Taylor cause of death + asthma + cardiac arrhythmia

Kurt Cobain
The grunge rock frontman, best known for the '90s anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit," died at age 27, leaving behind a singer spouse and a young daughter.
+Kurt Cobain date of death,April 5, 1994
+Kurt Cobain cause of death Firearm, Gunshot, Suicide

River Phoenix
Phoenix, fondly remembered for his role in an '80s film favorite, died at age 23 before performing a Halloween gig with a rock-star friend  at a Hollywood venue.
+River phoenix date of deathOctober 31, 1993
River Phoenix cause of death drug overdose,

Jean-Michel Basquiat
This Brooklyn artist -- backed by a well-connected artist friend -- shook up New York's elite art world throughout the '80s , until his death at age 27 on Aug. 12, 1988.
Jean-Michel Basquiat cause of death + heroin overdose


Gia Carangi
Carangi was a sought-after cover girl through the mid-'70s and early '80s before dying at age 26 on Nov. 18, 1986.
+Gia Carangi date of death,November 18, 1986
+Gia Carangi cause of death,AIDS

Len Bias
This award-winning forward for the Terrapins died on June 19, 1986, at 22, two days after being drafted into the NBA .
+Len Bias cause of death,Cocaine overdose, Drug overdose

Bob Marley
The Jamaican music legend helped introduce reggae to the masses with such tracks as "Jamming" and BBC's "Song of the Millennium". He was 36 when he died.
+Bob Marley date of death,May 11, 1981
+Bob Marley cause of deathCancer, Skin cancer

Steve Prefontaine
Prefontaine was a track and field runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics and was training for the 1976 games when he died at age 24 on May 30, 1975.
+Steve Prefontaine cause of death,Car accident

Bruce Lee
The martial arts master-turned-Hollywood star was 32 when he died more nearly 40 years ago.
+Bruce Lee date of death,July 20, 1973
+Bruce Lee cause of death,Cerebral edema

Jim Morrison
This influential '60s rock lead singer  was 27 when he died in Paris.
+Jim Morrison date of death,July 3, 1971
+Jim Morrison cause of death,Drug overdose, Heart failure

Janis Joplin
Joplin became a rock icon on the San Francisco scene and is known for such hits as "Me and Bobby McGee." She was 27 when she died.
+Janis Joplin date of death,October 4, 1970
+Janis Joplin cause of death,Heroin overdose

Jimi Hendrix
The virtuosic guitarist debuted a seminal album in 1967 and became legendary before dying at 27.
+Jimi Hendrix date of death,September 18, 1970
+Jimi Hendrix cause of death,Drug overdose, Inhalation of vomit

John Kennedy Toole
Toole didn't live to see his most celebrated novel achieve high literary honors. He died at 31 on March 26, 1969.
John Kennedy cause of death, Toole suicide

Otis Redding
The renowned soul singer -- known for this signature song -- died at 26 on Dec. 10, 1967.
Otis Redding cause of death plane crash

Ernie Davis
Davis achieved an African-American sports milestone in 1961 and was set to play in the NFL when he died at 23 on May 18, 1963.
Ernie Davis date of death,May 18, 1963
Ernie Davis cause of death,Leukemia

Marilyn Monroe
Hollywood’s quintessential sex symbol -- drooled over in such movies as "Some Like It Hot" and "The Seven Year Itch" -- died at age 36.
Mmarilyn Monroe date of death,August 5, 1962
Marilyn Monroe cause of death,Barbiturate, Drug overdose, Suicide

Buddy Holly
Holly  was an early rock-and-roll star whose death at age 22 is remembered as "The Day the Music Died."
Buddy Holly date of death,February 3, 1959
Buddy Holly cause of death,Air disaster

James Dean
Dean personified "cool" in "Rebel Without A Cause," released in 1955. He died at age 24.
James Dean date of death,September 30, 1955
James Dean cause of death,Car accident

Sylvia Plath
This writer, best known for the novel "The Bell Jar," died at age 30.
sylvia plath date of death,February 11, 1963
Sylvia cause of death, Plath suicide

Stephen Crane
Crane penned numerous short stories, poems and newspaper articles, but gained the most recognition for his Civil War novel, "The Red Badge of Courage." He died at 28.
Stephen Crane date of death,June 5, 1900
Stephen Crane cause of death,Tuberculosis

Emily Bronte
Bronte -- one member of a trio of talented sisters -- was a poet who penned the now-classic novel "Wuthering Heights." She died at age 30.
Emily Bronte date of death,December 19, 1848
Emily Bronte cause of death,Tuberculosis

John Keats
The English Romantic poet made his mark with a series of odes shortly before dying at 25.
John Keats date of death,February 23, 1821
John Keats cause of death,Tuberculosis

Joan of Arc
The 19-year-old famously led the French army against the English, claiming to have direct orders from God. She accomplished heroic feats until her death.
Joan of arc date of death,May 30, 1431
Joan of Arc execution by burning

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