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Weirdest Sea Creatures

 These horrific looking sharks have a massive horn on their foreheads, and have a freaky protruding jaw that actually comes out of their head to grab their prey! What’s more, the Goblin Shark’s teeth extend outside of its already scary jaw. Shudder.

 Believe it or not, this is basically a giant Rolli-Polli, aka Pillbug, like you find in your backyard. But this one is the size of your cat and lives in the ocean. Freaky. These Giant Isopods are carnivorous scavengers that forage on various sea life on the ocean floor. They grow to 16 inches (a foot and half!) long and live over 2000 feet beneath the surface of the ocean.

 The Hatchet Fish has the unusual ability to change it’s color, much like the way a Chameleon does it. When viewed from above, this fish can adjust its darkness level to match the way the ocean looks from that perspective. That way, the Hatchet Fish is invisible to predators. Some species of Hatchet Fish are actually transparent—you can see right through their bodies!

Giant Alaskan Crabs

Hatchet Fish

Giant Isopod

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