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Unbelievable SMS Texting Stories

1. World’s Fastest Texting While Skydiving:

World's Fastest Texting While Skydiving
Samsung Mobile arranged a contest named ‘Samsung Mobile Xtreme Texting’ in which a team of professional skydivers had to text the full and correct tongue-twisting phrase in one minute from the altitude of 12,000 feet outside Los Angeles city.

2. Girl Who Sent $2,000 Worth Messages:

Girl Who Sent $2,000 Worth Messages
Cara tried to help the ‘Haiti relief efforts’ by her text messages as her SIM card company was offering to help Haiti, and they will charge them in their bill, and unluckily she did not know about it.

3. $26,000 Bill Trying To Break The World Record:

$26,000 Bill Trying To Break The World Record
From Philadelphia two friends Nick Andes and Doug Klinger searched for highest monthly text messages, and they found the record by Deepak Sharma of 182,000. So they tried to break it by setting up their phone to multiple messages, and they found that they can send 7,000 texts on some days.

4. Most Sent Messages:

Most Sent Messages
The single man who sent 182,689 messages has the Guinness Book record is Deepak Sharma. Who gave up his whole for sending messages to his friends and relatives. He sent a message every 14 seconds that month, which is huge.

5. Fastest Text Messaging:

Fastest Text Messaging
A 27 years old British woman, Melissa Thompson has the world record sending the world’s fastest text message. She was with her boyfriend when she visited Samsung’s fastest typing message competition where she wrote a tongue-twisted sentence in just 25.94 seconds using a SWYPE keypad that makes a new world record.

6. Girl Who Fell Into The Sewer While Texting:

Girl Who Fell Into The Sewer While Texting
Alexa Longueira was walking with her friend and trying to send a message when she fell into an open sewer manhole. H

er mother said that workers told her about the manhole just for second when they went to fetch cones from the truck. She suffered scratches on her arm and back. However, she is thankful that the sewer was not full that time.

7. SMS Book:

SMS Book

Author Hannu Luntiala from Finland wrote an entire book based on sending and receiving messages. In his novel, the last story is of a person who left his job from Finland to travel throughout the Europe and India and in-touch with his friends by sms. All stories in this book are based on this that he is talking to anyone by sending and receiving messages.

8. $50,000 Prize For Texting:

$50,000 Prize For Texting
If you think that texting is a waste of time, than think again. For 15 years old Kate Moore texting pay back a huge reward. She entered in LG U.S National Texting Championship and won $50,000. She beat 20 other finalists from all over the U.S.

9. Driver Who Crashed Into a Swimming Pool While Texting:

Driver Who Crashed Into a Swimming Pool While Texting
Truck driver Nicholas Sparks of Oxford town of Lockport crashed into a car and ended up in the pool of a house while he was talking on one phone and was texting on another. Sparks was charged with reckless driving and talking on the phone while driving.

10. Life Saving Surgery Through Texting:

Life Saving Surgery Through Texting
Dr. David Nott of London who worked with medical charity ‘Medecins Sans Frontieres’ (MSF) in Rutshuru saved a 16 years old boy by texting his friend in London to ask the steps of operation because he had never done that kind of operation before. His friend Dr. Meirion Thomas who had done that kind of operation before texted him all the steps one by one.

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